Automatic Weighing Instruments (AWIs), despite the increased cost, are more effective and efficient in the long term than their non-automatic counterparts. Improvements in the accuracy of AWIs means they are being used in an increasing range of both static and dynamic applications. However, the significant difference between static and dynamic measurements means that the calibration of AWIs is not as well defined. There is also limited information about the uncertainties achievable using AWIs and little documented guidance is available. This project will develop calibration methods and uncertainty evaluation models for three categories of AWIs (including those used for weighing road vehicles in motion), which will be validated through on-site tests at end-users. Draft calibration guides based on the new methods and models will also be developed. The project also aims to increase metrology research capabilities and the expertise of emerging EURAMET member countries in the provision of reliable traceability of dynamic mass measurements.

Publishable summary of the project.